We offer a wide range of Automobile Services. Below are some of the services we offer.

Vehicle Paint Mixing.

Every vehicle has a colour code. The colour code is what is used to identify the original colour on the Vehicle. At Samhays limited, we have trained experts who will clearly identify the colour code on your vehicle. Based on the colour code, our trained technical staff would use our computerized mixing machines to produce the exact colour of the paint on your vehicle.

Vehicle Colour Mapping, Tinting, and Matching.

Our technical staff are also able to use colour mapping, tinting, and matching techniques to produce any colour of your choice. For example, if you bring a sample colour to our office, our technical staff will be able to reproduce the sample colour for you.

Changing the Colour of Vehicles.

If you are tired of using a particular colour on your vehicle, we can put another colour of your choice on your vehicle.

Re-spraying of Old and Damaged Vehicles.

We can also re-spray an old or damaged vehicle so that it looks like a brand new vehicle.  No matter how bad the vehicle looks, we can transform it to look like a newly manufactured vehicle.

Branding of Company Vehicles.

We can also put the corporate identity of your company on your vehicles.

Artistic Design on Vehicles.

If you like to have fancy art work on your vehicle, we can also do that for you.

Vehicle Spraybooth Rentage.

We have state-of-the-art spraybooths that spray painters can rent whenever they have a vehicle to spray.